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Dashcam Catches Drake’s Motorcade Acting Like Royalty

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Apparently, Celebrities Need a Convoy of Security and Special Treatment

Drivers everywhere are familiar with what a motorcade looks like. Any true officials will usually have a police escort, which is a sign to traffic to fall back. It is not surprising that celebrities think this kind of behavior is acceptable, and that they are deserving of such treatment, although the only thing official about them is their ego.

Popular hip-hop artist Drake was spotted in public recently, followed by several black SUV’s filled with what we can assume was a security team. It is not that the public was looking for celebrities that day, but more that celebrities shoved their way into the spotlight once again. A dashcam video caught Drake’s punk security team in action that day. The big deal? Drake cut off traffic, and his security team did everything within their humanly power to catch up to him. Who by the way, almost looks like he is trying to ditch them. The problem? They physically got out of the car to block traffic to do so.

The driver who got the worst of it proceeded to claim he was going to report the drivers, but there has been no confirmation of any legal action. The security guard our dashcam owner had the pleasure of meeting with that day, even goes as far as to “threaten” to take his Tesla. Although we all know that likelihood of that is slim, the audacity is outstanding. Typically, Drake is respected for being respectful, but it would seem that’s not always the case. It just comes to show, money means people will throw themselves into traffic for you.

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