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Kia’s Newest Pro_Cee’d Concept Is Sleek

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Not Too Shabby Kia – It’s Rather Slick

The newest concept model from Kia has us worshiping the shooting brake body design. As part of their European Cee’d lineup, Kia has released an even sexier and futuristic design that is catching attention. It was first released during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, of course, and has not left the headlines yet. This particular concept model is known as the “Extended Hot Hatch”, as Kia is not using the term “shooting brake” to describe the body shape.

Kia has been producing the Cee’d in South Korea strictly for the European market since 2006. The newer models are now known as the Pro_Cee’d, and they are revolutionizing the hatchback market.  The 20’’ rims play into its unusual proportions, and the rear almost looks like it’s floating away. As one of its coolest features, getting into the back requires crouching through a third door. Due to this feature, the interior strikes you as off until you realize there are no more B-pillars. The headlights almost look otherworldly, but that Kia grill is hard to miss.

While it is a concept, we can hope that these favored concept features make their way into the newest models. Models, we might add, that are rumored to hit European dealerships by early 2018. We do know that the new 2018 Cee’d will have updated engines and technology both inside and out. This is likely the reason that no technical specs were released about the concept’s powertrain. Good job Kia, this one doesn’t look half bad.

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