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Mayfair: Donny Smith, Mayfair’s Go-To Guy

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Donnie Smith shuffles his papers atop a folding table in the white cinderblock-walled multipurpose room at the Mayfair Community Center.

The clock reads just after 7 o’clock. The room is about half-full of chattering residents whose volume begins to fade as Smith strokes his beard and leans back in his chair.

It is the Mayfair Civic Association’s monthly meeting. Smith, 51, serves as the president of the Association. He has called Mayfair home for his whole life, even though he was technically raised in Tacony.

“I always thought that was Mayfair growing up. It wasn’t until I started coming to these meetings that I realized the boundaries didn’t go over the other side of Frankford Avenue,” Smith said. Although technically he was born-and-raised a Taconian, Mayfair is where his heart is.

“You know, it’s cool. It’s a community neighborhood. You’ve got all different kinds of homes and businesses,” Smith said, smiling. “You got row homes, you got singles, you

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