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American internet comic tries to throw Calgary Ward 4 election

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American Greg Miller (right).

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman isn’t the only American inserting himself into Calgary’s municipal election.

Greg Miller, a popular San Francisco-based video game comic and YouTuber, on Friday posted a video endorsing Greg Miller, candidate for Ward 4 in Calgary. Miller is one of three candidates running against incumbent Sean Chu, who is widely known (though not perhaps in San Francisco) for his rabid opposition to cycling infrastructure.

Canadian Greg Miller said American Greg Miller reached out to him a week ago after coming across a tweet with one of Canadian Greg Miller’s lawn signs. “He said, ‘Hey, what does it take to get one of your signs and a shirt?’” recalled Canadian Greg Miller. “And I said, ‘Well of course—this is what we do because we’re good neighbours.’”

Canadian Greg Miller FedExed American Greg Miller a sign, some shirts and also threw in a couple

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