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Art at the Limits: City Gallery of New York

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As part of our Art at the Limits focus on the intersection of art and policy in New York City, we’ve invited readers to share their art with us—photos, other visual art, music, drama and more.

We aren’t collecting arts listings here. (Those can be submitted to our Events calendar.) We want to see and show the art itself.

If you’ve something to share, upload it here.

Once a week, we’ll be choosing our favorite city art and story submission and sending the winner a $20 Amazon Gift Card.
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Sandi Newmark

A patriotic spot right near Port Authority Bus Terminal, first thing I spotted as I entered the city

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Sandi Newmark

A true New Yorker: concentrating comfortably on a book in the midst of Times Square hubbub!

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John A. Dryzga

“A very early morning photograph of midtown Manhattan taken from Boulevard East in Weehawken NJ.”

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henry cohen

“I’m a native New Yorker, Bronx born & bred. On 9/11/2001 I was working in Westchester.  I went home & watched TV till 5 am. I was Mesmerized by the visions I was seeing on

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