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Film School: Kristaps Porzingis, the Slow Trailer

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The Unicorn has proved to be an effective scorer as a trailer, but not the type of trailer you would think. Photo: TKW Illustration/Jeffrey Bellone

Transition basketball is supposed to be fast. Secure the basketball, make the quick outlet pass, and attack the basket in breakneck speed. The advantage of pushing the ball down the court is to capitalize on mismatches, or odd men rushes, to borrow a hockey term. The attacking team forces the defense to make quick decisions, and in the process, creates favorable cross-matches–back-peddling defenders finding the closest player to guard instead of their ideal match up.

In transition, as athletic bodies sprint down the court, it is the trailer, the slow man, who sometimes gets the biggest reward. For Kristaps Porzingis, he has found a way to be effective as the slow man in a different way. Rather then trailing the fast break

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