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Northeast Philadelphia: Philadelphia’s Out-of-School Time Initiative Enters Phase One

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Philadelphia’s Out-of-School Time (OST) Initiative continues to build on past programs and improve the quality of OST for children by increasing participation from non-city funded programs.

Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration sees improving OST programing as a pathway to improving early literacy in children and to helping reduce food insecurity, asthma and obesity among city youths.

The OST Initiative does not see issues like health, poverty and education as separate issues and seeks to create a data-based system to effectively use city resources to combat social issues facing children in the city.

According to, research shows that “children who participate in quality OST programs are far more likely to be engaged in learning and to have better school attendance, are less likely to be involved in or become victims of violence, and to have increased levels of physical activity.”

Kenney’s administration hopes an inclusive atmosphere of networking and data sharing will help  ensure that after-school programs,

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