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Business life in New York; Shmuel Spritzer

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Business life in New York; Shmuel Spritzer

Business life in New York

The Five Secrets To Climbing the Corporate Ladder

It is a well-known fact that the higher you go, the more perks you get per Shmuel Spritzer. However, there is a right and wrong way to climb the corporate ladder in New York. You will run across people who are the boss’s favorite. You will across those who will suck up to the right people to get ahead.

The Five Tips On Making the Most of Your Business Life

1) You do need to get to know your boss. You can do this without sucking up in the business world. Set up a time to speak to your boss. They will know you are on their side. There is a difference between being proactive and sucking up. Choose to be proactive.

2) Start patting yourself on the back, but in a good way. Show your boss

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