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Tesla Model S P100D Versus 100D – Race Video

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Tesla Model S P100D Versus 100D – Race Video

7 mins ago by Eric Loveday

Is it worth the $36,000 cost to upgrade from a Tesla Model S 100D to the performance version, the P100D?

Pick Your Poison

DragTimes recently tested the two side-by-side in an effort to answer that exact question. The result? Well, that depends on how much you think a 1-second difference from 0 to 60 MPH is worth.

Video description:

What does a 1 second difference from 0-60 MPH look like in the real world and is it worth the $36,000 upgrade cost from the 100D to P100D in the Tesla Model S?

We test out the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus mode against it’s less expensive sibling, the 100D to see what the 1 second performance difference to 60 MPH looks like in a stop light race.

In our opinion, the Model S 100D is more than quick enough, so we’d save that extra $36,000 and perhaps put it towards something like a Tesla Model 3 or a new Nissan LEAF.

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