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Warner Bros. Delayed “Justice League” Rotten Tomatoes Score, But This App Reveals It

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What: A sneak peak at the oddly suppressed Rotten Tomatoes score for Justice League.

Who: The folks at social movie app, Flixster, albeit unwittingly.

Why we care: This year marked a flashpoint in the debate on how Rotten Tomatoes scores affect a film’s performance. People like the now-disgraced director Brett Ratner argued that the movie review aggregator is “destroying the film industry,” while others pointed out that there appears to be no correlation between a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes and box office failure. In any case, Warner Brothers appears to be on Brett Ratner’s side in this one instance, taking an unprecedented precaution with its forthcoming tentpole flick, Justice League.

Rotten Tomatoes recently announced that it would be holding back from publishing the cumulative score for the film until Thursday, November 16, the day before its release. As others have pointed out, this move presents a potential conflict of interest because Tomatoes is owned by Fandango, which Warner Brothers has a partial ownership stake in. While perhaps not part of an actual conspiracy, the delay is at the very least ethically fishy. After the groundbreaking success of Wonder Woman, the DC extended universe needs another hit to right-side its critically maligned franchise. With no Rotten Tomatoes score, it was tough to determine whether the trickle of poor early reviews is a fluke or a consensus. Well, it was almost tough, anyway. It turns out one app has the unfiltered score available.

Flixster, the social movie app, has broken the unofficial embargo on the Rotten Tomatoes score for Justice League. And guess what: The score is not good! Have a look at the score below, and tweet at @FastCompany to let us know if this news will affect whether you see the movie this weekend or not.

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