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Ford patents autonomous off-roading technology

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Imagine yourself off-roading in your pickup and traversing through some formidable terrain. Suddenly, you come across a tough hill that could potentially result in a roll over.

Ford has the solution – according to The Drive, a truck with full autonomous mode, kindly asking its passengers to step outside while it negotiates the tough and dangerous terrain. It will do that by analyzing data from sensors evaluating height, rain, topographic maps, and road condition detectors.  

However, Ford’s aim with this new piece of technology isn’t to take the reins off the driver, but rather prevent injury while going off-road. It aims to make off-roading more safe while keeping it fun.

The larger application of Ford’s patent technology on autonomous off-roading is that it can adapt to difficult and unusual terrains. Commercial vehicles could make use of it, too – it goes beyond GPS coordinates, speed limits and lane departures. In the real world, it’s more likely to encounter tough terrain as opposed smooth tarmac. It’ll be interesting to see how applications in commercial vehicles will compare with Tesla’s upcoming autonomous truck.


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