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Meet the $3 Million Ferrari FXX K Evo – 1,036 HP of Sheer Aerodynamic Madness

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One of the most extreme Ferraris ever made

Ferrari wouldn’t be a Ferrari hadn’t they found a way to elevate their performance game. The extremely limited FXX high-performance race car project started way back in 2005 and came to a conclusion after the Italians built 38 units. Then its spiritual successor the FXX K came in 2015. Add another 40 units there. Finally, the Maranello company saw fit to create an even more aggressive version of the 2015 FXX K – the Ferrari FXX K Evo.

FXX K Evo is set for the 2018/2019 season debut where it’ll try to be the fastest around nine different tracks. Judging by its otherworldly performance figures, that feat shouldn’t be out of its reach. Like its predecessor the FXX K, Evo version too packs 1,036 horsepower thanks to a 6.3L V12 and electric motor combo. By dissecting the aforementioned figure, we can conclude that the V12 alone is making 849 hp, while the electric motor adds another 187 ponies.

But all that power isn’t the FXX K Evo’s forte. It’s the car’s aerodynamics that are making it special. Thanks to its advanced aero kit bolstered by a twin-profile fixed wing at the rear, Ferrari FXX K Evo develops a whopping 1,410 pounds of downforce at 124 mph and around 1,830 lbs at its top speed which hasn’t been disclosed yet. Ferrari claims the Evo improves upon the downforce figure of its predecessor by 23 percent, while at the same time, leaves LaFerrari in the dust by no less than 75 percent. They also claim that this astonishing result didn’t come without sacrifices. It took them more than a year of CFD simulations and wind tunnel testing to reach it.

Large fixed wing isn’t the only downforce-producing element of this high-tech Ferrari. The wing works together with the active spoiler, dual side fins, one central fin and three delta vortex generators. It’s the central fin that plays the pivotal role here, believe it or not. Its dual role means that it serves as both the stabilizer at low yaw angles and as aforementioned vortex generator’s support.

But revising the rear would only get them so far. Ferrari had to reshape the sides and front of the FXX K Evo as well. Fenders and rear quarter panel vents had to be enlarged in order to allow sufficient airflow to the rear diffuser. Furthermore, Ferrari engineers paid special attention to detail up front where Ferrari FXX K Evo received numerous revisions to the front fascia. All they’ve done, they’ve learnt from Ferrari’s GT racing program.

Italians will almost certainly keep the Ferrari FXX K Evo a low-key vehicle – much like its predecessor. Lucky few future owners will, however, have to splash more than $3 million which, incidentally, was its predecessor’s price. Us mortals, on the other hand, can enjoy the rakish Ferrari’s pictures provided herein. Luckiest among us might even see it perform live.

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