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New York City Subway Turnstiles

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Over the years, there has been slow progress in improving New York City Subways. Granted that the subway system was established a long time ago, and that it is always bustling as it is the primary mode of transportation for many New Yorkers, there are little things here and there that can easily make navigation better. In addition to better visuals, directions, train maps and schedules, a revamp of the subway turnstiles is needed!

The turnstiles act as a barrier to ensure all subway users have paid the subway fares. To board a train, one must purchase a metrocard and swipe through at the turnstiles. On the right side of each stall, there is a slit to swipe your metrocard. After swiping, a tiny screen ahead in the stall displays your current balance of the card. You must swipe the card with the correct face and right direction. A successful

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