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We operate like the product team of a high-growth startup. Data-driven strategy, agile sprints, constant iteration, and validated learning.

How about 4? You want your product development investment to produce tangible benefit. With us, here are the type of results you can expect.

Cut your app’s time to market by ⅓.

Slash your engineering costs in half.

Increase your productivity threefold.

Protect your IP to the hilt.

We treat every project like it’s our own and leverage our experience and connections to be knowledge brokers. With us, your project is in good hands.

Co-Founder and CEO | Hacker & Hustler, Sports Fanatic & Sneakerhead

Sam spent eight years as a recreational coder, freelancer, and developer of online bots before founding TechSuite. A tenacious problem solver and knowledge junkie, he seems to have the correct answer for everything. His favorite sneaker is the Air Jordan 3 and he loves

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