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10 Reasons Why the GOP Tax Plan is an Economic Death Blow to New York and the Nation

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The New York Congressional Delegation must vote against the devastating reconciliation bill.

The GOP tax plan, if passed through the conference committee, will be an economic dagger at the heart of New York and our nation — crippling our economy, exploding the federal deficit, increasing healthcare costs for millions and widening the gap between the richest and poorest Americans.

I am calling on the New York Congressional delegation, including the four representatives who voted for the tax bill in the House of Representatives, to vote against the future reconciliation bill due to its devastating impact on New York.

Here’s what the GOP tax plan will do:

1. Raise income taxes: These changes will increase federal income taxes for 2.4 million New York tax filers by an average of $3,200.

2. Effectively raise property taxes: 725,000 New York households pay property taxes exceeding the proposed $10,000 cap on deductions. Effectively, the

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