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Citing No Evidence, NYPD Blames Manhattan Cyclist Josef Mittlemann, 67, for His Own Death

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NYPD has again publicly blamed a cyclist for his own death while citing no evidence to corroborate the claim.

The driver of a Toyota Prius hit 67-year-old Josef Mittlemann at 11th Avenue and W. 30th Street in Chelsea at approximately 1:49 p.m. on November 28. Mittlemann sustained severe head injuries and died the next day.

NYPD told reporters Mittlemann was biking south on 11th and the driver was eastbound on 30th, so both were traveling with traffic on one-way streets.

The News reported that, according to police, Mittlemann “blew a red light” and “struck the passing Toyota Prius.” The Post said the driver “smacked into” Mittlemann after the victim “blew a red light.”

No reports that we’ve seen indicate how police concluded Mittlemann ran a red light. DCPI, NYPD’s public information office, told Streetsblog that detail came from the Collision Investigation Squad, but DCPI could not say if CIS had video or

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