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Small Computers Make a Big Impact in Jackson Heights

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A Raspberry Pi computer in use at a Raspberry Heights workshop.

When Ron Callahan started teaching local kids to code four years ago, he did it from his basement in Jackson Heights. Now, he does it from a local preschool, the walls dotted with finger paintings and posters promoting diversity. The kids line up at computers in the middle of the room. The oldest student is eleven, the youngest, seven.

Callahan founded Raspberry Heights in 2013, a weekly workshop dedicated to teaching children about science, technology, engineering and math. Callahan uses Raspberry Pi technology, small computers that he first introduced to his daughter in order to teach her STEM skills.

“She immediately fell in love with these little computers,” said Callahan. “It’s a great educational tool. I used it to teach her a little bit more about technology and programming.”

In recent years, the jobs in STEM fields

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