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Christmas Gift from Eileen — 1988 (all names changed)

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…It was at this point within a few weeks of Christmas 1988 ( I am really not certain of the date), that Hilda was leaving the company and I was only days away from working at Grumman.

As the pressure of living in emotional isolation was getting to me I tried to seek counsel by speaking with a secretary / co-worker named Dusk who was good friends and neighbors with Gertrude’s family. Desperately trying to inquire about my girlfriend (?) and asking what I could do to get in her good graces brought nothing but icy stares and comments re-enforcing my despair. “I already spoke with Gertrude said Dusk” “… Well you are a fucking weirdo and you are an alcoholic and I NEVER curse”, she said as she put a quarter in the swear jar on her desk — “ so I think she did the right thing after

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