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Remi’s NYK Recap Knicks/Grizzlies — 12/6/17

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KP returns and the entire rotation falls into place, incredible how transformative one guy can be. The defensive grit was there but with some caveats. The Grizzlies are pretty awful to begin with and Marc Gasol got hurt in the first half and played through injury in the second which hamstrings an already bitten team. That’s not to discount that KP’s presence changes everything or that Beasley going to the bench was beneficial as all hell. The offense flows so much better when KP is around that it’s insane and having a shot blocker on the floor means that Kanter doesn’t have so much added weight defensively. It also helps when we can hide Jack on somebody who won’t light him up which was looking tougher and tougher after watching him struggle to keep up with Thaddeous Young off switches (shout out to Harrison and Mclemore). Anyway, this was “can’t

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