V Is for Vino Explorers — Shopping

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You know those friends you plan on meeting for one glass of wine? And before you know it, you’ve split a bottle and placed an order for two more by the glass? Those are often the best friends!

Show them how much you appreciate them (and your happy-hour-turned-10-p.m. dates) with one of these wine-themed gifts. We’ve got all sorts of ideas, from smaller jokey gifts to more serious presents that make good group gifts.

  1. Coravin, $300 at Bloomingdale’s: This medieval-looking gadget will let your curious friend try a sip of wine without uncorking the entire bottle. Sneaky!
  2. The Oak Bottle, from $60 at Oak Bottle: Your budget-minded friend can decant a cheapo bottle of wine into this oak vessel and open it up a day or two later to find something that tastes much, much fancier.
  3. Voyage de Vin, $114 for six bottles at Tasting Room: Total francophiles will appreciate this gift set, which features six bottles from along the French countryside.
  4. Handblown Short Moroccan Glasses, $48 for six at Food52: Not only do these short glasses look cooler than the traditional stemmed options, but they’re also way harder to knock over.
  5. Spike Corkscrew, $20 at Umbra: More useful than the average cacti, this one can cut the foil on a bottle of wine, uncork wine, and pop off bottle caps.
  6. Bottoms Up! Bottle Straws, $9 for 12 straws at Curly Girl Design: This is one of those half-jokey-half-serious gifts — it’s a pack of paper straws that are long enough to slide right into a bottle of wine as if it’s a juice box. You know, should someone want to drink wine as if it’s juice.
  7. Sparkling Wine Kit, $70 at Brooklyn Brew Shop: Bubbles! This kit comes with everything (minus the actual bottles) to make five bottles of sparkling wine.
  8. Rosé Lollipops, $8 for 12 at Quin: Forget rosé gummy bears — these lollipops are made with a lush and fruity rosé and have notes of watermelon, strawberries, and peaches.
  9. Bicycle Wine Carrier, $65 at Jay Teske Leather Co.: For your friend who puts more miles on her bike than her car, this leather carrier will help her transport a bottle to, well, anywhere she’s headed.
  10. Geo Bottle Stopper Set, $49 at West Elm: Because sometimes your friend might not be able to finish an entire bottle of wine. But you love her anyway.

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