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American Airlines flight attendants have a new weapon for when you get cranky

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What do you do when you’re trapped with an irate customer at 30,000 feet in the air? American Airlines just came up with a solution—empowering flight attendants to dole out frequent flier miles on the spot.

Normally if your in-flight entertainment screen goes out 10 minutes into A Dog’s Purpose, a flight attendant would shrug and suggest writing a letter to the airline’s customer service department when you land, which leaves customers ticked off, bored, and never knowing the horrors of A Dog’s Purpose.

This month, American Airlines is rolling out a program that lets its flight attendants award frequent flyer miles to passengers who run into problems. That means when the video screen goes out, flight attendants can quickly offer miles to soothe the savage passenger. According to CNN, the number of miles depends on the severity of the problem and the length of the flight. Passengers who don’t have frequent flyer accounts, though, will have to delay their gratification, and give the flight attendant their email address to receive some other form of compensation for their suffering.

The program is similar to one that Delta Air Lines has in place where passengers can demand restitution in the form of miles–and maybe a few extra packs of Biscoff cookies.ML

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