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Let’s Cut the Bars Between Muni and BART

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If you commute by BART and Muni, you’ve no doubt been in the frustrating situation shown in the lead image. You get off your BART train at Civic Center or one of the other downtown stations, run up the stairs, tag out of BART, run across the mezzanine, tag into Muni, run back downstairs, and miss your train by seconds. At off-peak times, this can easily add twenty minutes to your trip. And thanks to the cage bars around the stairs, sometimes you actually get to see the train you’re going to miss as you rush through this Habitrail for humans.

“That scenario has happened to me too many times to count!” said Rachel Hyden, Executive Director of the San Francisco Transit Riders, who said she wants to see the obstacles between the two systems removed.

In addition to its January 1 fare increase of 2.7 percent, BART is now adding a

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