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Young black women are the most likely to be harassed at work

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If the last year taught us anything it’s that workplace harassment is a bigger problem than most people ever thought, it’s not only confined to the tech and media industries. A new report from Comparably which polled over 200,000 workers across industries reveals that 26% of women say they have been sexually harassed at work. That compares to 28% of women in tech and 34% of women in IT. Female executives and engineers also reported high levels of sexual harassment (33%). Sixty-one percent of women in IT say their gender has held them back in their career.

Twenty-three percent of African-Americans say they have been sexually harassed at work, followed by Latinx workers (20%).

There is one area where men and women suffered the same fate. Twenty-four percent of women and 21% of men across industries say they have been verbally abused or severely harassed in a non-sexual way by their boss at their current job. Among the most affected: women in communications (40%) and men in finance (35%).  Thirty percent of workers (of all genders) between the ages of 18-25 experienced this type of harassment and 33% of African-Americans reported the same.

Despite their experiences, the majority of women (63%) surveyed believe the #TimesUp movement will result in progress in relations between men and women in the workplace. Sixty-eight percent of Latinx workers and 65% of African-Americans of all genders also believe times are changing.LD

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