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How the City that Never Sleeps Inspired Me to Give My All

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At 5:30 am I’d force myself to roll out of bed each morning. In my half slumber full daze I’d reach for a tattered T-shirt, gym shorts, and a pair of impressively unappealing shoes.

Each were carefully placed by the door the night before. I knew if I had to search for anything that required clarity of thought that early in the morning I’d get flustered before finding myself buried back under a warm comforter. Next, I’d throw on my headsets and make my way to the gym.

That’s when the show would begin…

Photo by Rob Bye The City that Never Sleeps

The best part of my morning stroll was watching the city slowly wake up with me. The Empire State building towered behind me, acting as my North Star as street vendors set up for the blitz of morning commuters. They’d want their coffee hot, fast, and likely

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