5 Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Sweetheart — Classroom Valentine’s

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Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. My mom went all out for the day. She would put pink and red balloons all over our home in Minneapolis, and there were always crafts and gifts waiting for us at the breakfast table. The piece de resistance, however, was always the cards we would make from my classmates.

Every year until about 7th grade, we would spend about three days making cards for about 90 other kids (I have two brothers, so 30 kids per class.) We would cut out cardboard hearts, and my mom would attach ruffles to the sides before went to town and decorated each heart with sparkly glue and stickers. I always made sure to spend extra time on my best friends’ cards and the boys I not-so-secretly had crushes on.

Because we always went all out for Valentine’s Day cards, I’ve always looked down on the run-of-the-mill cards you buy at the dollar store. You can do better than that! But it also doesn’t need to be so hard to accomplish. That’s why we designed these semi-homemade cards you can print off at home, add some flourishes (if you choose to) and stick on some candy.

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What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day card?

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