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Amazon’s curious job postings hint at live-streaming video ambitions

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Amazon has a curious job listing that’s been online for a few months now. The title is “Sr Digital Content Producer,” and it is part of a “new live streaming video initiative.” According to the job description, this content lead would develop and produce video projects. The ideal candidate not only knows the ins and outs of video making and editing, but has “an obsession with creating shareable viral content.” Amazon currently has two of these posts vacant.

It’s not completely clear what project these roles would be tied to, but there are a few clues. For one, the job is listed under “AZ Live LLC,” which may be referencing the upcoming “Amazon Live” venture. According to CNBC, which noticed other interesting job listings last September, Amazon Live is a startup within Amazon that produces videos to complement Amazon shopping experiences. These latest jobs hint that the ambitions may be even further-reaching than that.

What makes these new listings especially interesting is that they are for  live-streaming content, which seems like a new endeavor. Not only that, but the role requires the candidates to be extremely culturally knowledgeable and savvy with social media. The candidates must have experience developing story ideas, researching, and planning segments–all skills required for live television production. We can only speculate what kind of content this endeavor will produce, but these vacancies hint at new horizons for Amazon.

This could also be a potential ad grab for the company, as it recently told investors its plans to boost its advertising offerings. As Google and Facebook continue to control the digital ad marketshare, people are looking toward Amazon as a possible competitor. Could these live-streams be vessels for pre-roll and mid-roll opportunity? Who knows! But maybe!

I reached out to Amazon for more information and will update this post if I learn more.

If you know anything more about these roles–or any of Amazon’s video endeavors–I’d love to hear from you (anonymity guaranteed)!CGW

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