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Couples beware: Facebook Messenger is about to drown you in love and heart-eye emojis

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Facebook wants you to break up with your bae or risk drowning in a sea of ❤❤❤ and ❤ emojis.

Starting tomorrow (or as romantics call it, Valentine’s Day Eve), if you change your Facebook relationship status and make it “FB official,” a Messenger conversation will pop up with your boo and Facebook will fill your chat with hearts, kissing hearts, and heart showers.

Why? Because Facebook knows that these days true love is best expressed in emojis. According to Facebook’s announcement, people share over 2 billion emojis every day on Messenger, with heart-eye emojis, kiss-blowing emojis, and ❤ranking in the top five most popular emojis. So to celebrate your love, Facebook will make it rain hearts in your chats— drowning your love in the process. Also expect a new filter in its camera app that will make your heart-shaped eyes explode. As part of the V-day display, your sweetiepie will be “the first person to appear on the Active tab, so you can easily see when they’re available to chat.” Have you ever heard anything so romantic?


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