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Darcel Clark: Probation for Driver Who Killed Child Inside Bronx Restaurant and Fled Scene

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A motorist who drove into a Bronx restaurant, ran over and killed a 7-year-old boy, and fled the scene was sentenced to probation pursuant to a plea agreement with District Attorney Darcel Clark.

Ethan Villavicencio

Ethan Villavicencio was eating ice cream with his father and 5-year-old sister at a sandwich shop at 3275 Westchester Avenue in Pelham Bay on the afternoon of June 4, 2015, when Kwasi Oduro backed his Mercedes SUV through the front of the building.

“It was a bad scene,” witness Victor Robles told the Post. “I saw the little boy on the ground yelling for his mother. His father was banged up, as was his little daughter.”

“There was a crater where the boy hit the wall,” another witness told the Daily News. “The father was a bloody mess. He was covered with blood and he was trying to tend to his son. The blood from his

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