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The History of Reade Street

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Credit: New York Public Library

Reade Street is named after Joseph Reade (1694–1771), a political and social bigwig in colonial New York City. Joseph Reade was a warden of Trinity Church and a member of the governor’s council. The name of Reade Street appears on maps from as early as 1797.

Included within the boundaries of the Tribeca South Historic District are the two blocks of Reade Street between Broadway and West Broadway. The land in this area was originally part of- the holdings of Trinity Church popularly known as the “Church Farm.” Reade Street was mapped and released to city jurisdiction in 1761. In 1796, the street was regulated and paved between Broadway and the Hudson River.

Prior to the close of the Revolutionary War most of Reade Street was undeveloped; however, in 1773 Trinity. Church set aside a plot at the northwest corner of Church and Reade

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