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“I tried to start a business right out of high school. I…

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“I tried to start a business right out of high school. I didn’t have much experience. But a mutual friend showed me a business model and I agreed to partner with him. We supplied wholesale groceries like onions, barley, and garlic. My partner did the purchasing and kept all the books. I just supplied the money to purchase more stock. I was completely dependent on the information he gave me. And at first we showed a lot of profit. Every time we filled an order, there would be an even bigger order. So I just kept putting more money into the business. That went on for four years. But when I finally tried to take some profits, my partner claimed there was no money. He showed me an entirely new set of books. He’d stolen everything, and I couldn’t prove a thing because I hadn’t been keeping my own records. I hid it from my wife for days. We had two kids and I’d just lost everything. But when I finally told her, she supported me. She only told me that I couldn’t sit around and think about it. So I got a job as a taxi driver. I was done with business forever. That was twenty years ago. Both my kids are educated now. They’ve grown up to be good human beings. And that guy never changed. He kept cheating people. Last I heard, he was in hiding somewhere.”

(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

h/t: Humans of New York

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