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OPINION: Why I don’t love Marty Golden, and why you shouldn’t, too

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State Senator Marty Goden. (Photo: Wikipedia)

A writer by the name of John Alexander published an opinion piece in the Brooklyn Eagle defending the record of his favorite State Senator, Martin “Marty” J. Golden. This piece seemed to be triggered by a recent wave of controversy that has, once again, made the public aware of Golden’s disturbing track record.

Last month, Golden came under fire for claiming the opioid crisis was bothersome to him because opioids aren’t a “ghetto drug” but are affecting “doctors’ kids.” This came just a month after Golden impersonated a police officer, menaced a cyclist, blew through several red lights, and was revealed to be a man who both didn’t like paying speeding tickets and once ran a woman over with his car. This woman would eventually die. Golden quietly settled with the woman’s family for $750,000, a staggering sum of money.

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