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That Creepy “Black Mirror” Dating App Is Now Real For Valentine’s Day

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What: A new website that offers users an expiration date for their relationships

Who: Netflix and Black Mirror

[Photo: courtesy of Netflix]Why we care: If you’re looking to add a little last-minute zest to your Valentine’s Day date, Netflix has just the thing. (Aside from a selection of the movies I recommended this morning.) The streaming service unveiled today a website based on the dating app from “Hang the DJ,” a recent episode of the tech-horror anthology series, Black Mirror. In the season four standout, an app called Coach pairs users to go out on dates and then notifies them how long their relationship will last. The website,, asks users to send a link to the person they’re dating, and then sends a similar notification touting how long their relationship will last. (My marriage will apparently end in three days.) It’s a perfect icebreaker for the morbidly curious looking to liven up potentially awkward dates tonight. But considering that yesterday also saw the robot dog from season four episode, “Metalhead,” brought to life by Boston Dynamics, I’m officially worried that “Arkangel” tech will be next.JB

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