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Want to build community in NYC? Hate networking? These events are for you.

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Moving to the big city or changing careers can be a slog.

The process often involves about 6 months of the following:

We go to Meetups that have a wide variance in qualityWe scour (For those of us in tech/startups)We check out a couple of the “Largest Networking Event in NYC” rooftop parties, and never go back.We finally get a sense of the NYC universe, and start to prune the event schedule of the most network-y ones.

No need to waste those 6 months.

Since I changed careers in 2015 from education to the startup ecosystem, I’ve kept track of every event I’ve attended (plus some I have yet to attend which come highly recommended).

Here is a starting list of the best ones that are publicly accessible, non-network-y, and fun because of both the activity involved and the people you are with:

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