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The Breakfast Crew Series

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by: Adriel Bercow

At Flybridge, we hold a special penchant for the notion of “community”. We witnessed the power communities have on startups that take developer-centric approaches in portfolio companies such as MongoDB, Crashlytics, Firebase, and Stackdriver. We have been diving into the blockchain and crypto space, propelled by our portfolio company, Enigma, who recently completed a successful $45M ICO supported by a growing community of more than 13,000 members. We innovated the traditional venture capital model by developing community funds that make pre-seed investments in female founders and Harvard graduates. One of our General Partners previously helped build a now $20B company that’s powered by 200,000 community members across 20 different countries. Most importantly, a cornerstone of our mission at Flybridge is the intent to make a positive impact on the communities we touch: our cities, friends, family, entrepreneurs, advisors, and beyond.

When I came to New York City

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