A cheap and simple way to paint your own DIY canvas backdrop

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You want a backdrop that perfectly matches your vision and that is easy on your budget? Photographer Lui Cardenas shares a simple method for painting your own canvas backdrop. You will need an idea, a couple of Home Depot items and some free time, and you can paint your own canvas backdrop just as you want.

You will need:

The canvas Lui bought is already primed, so it’s ready for painting as soon as it’s rolled out. His canvas is 72 inches wide and 216 inches long. Lui cut it in half and got two backdrops, 72” x 108” each. This width is ideal for photographing a single model, but if you need the backdrop for group shots, you should go with the wider canvas.

As for the paint, pay a visit to your local Home Depot and buy acrylic exterior flat paint. Lui chooses two colors, or better to say two shades of olive green. Of course, you can choose the colors and shades to your own liking.

And now the fun part: painting! You can use a regular roller if you want the color to be even on the canvas. But Lui uses a textured roller so he can add some texture as soon as he starts painting. He starts with the lighter shade of color thinned down with water. Later on, he paints with the darker shade and goes from the edges to the center, because he wants the center of the canvas to be lighter. Finally, he uses the sponge. He soaks it in paint and splatters around the canvas, again going from the edges towards the center. Once again, you can feel free to experiment and play with colors and textures as you like.

As for the final result – you can see it in the video, as it’s the backdrop behind Lui. I like the colors he chose and I think it works great.

What do you think of the result? And have you ever painted your own canvas backdrop?

[How to Paint Your Own Canvas Backdrop / DIY 2018 via FStoppers]

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