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Chapter 42: Dian Mu meditates on the cusp of change

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Dian Mu skimmed low over the brilliant aquamarine of the South China Sea, small breakers throwing wisps of white into the air. As always, she was well over the speed which the manufacturers had thought was the maximum for her tiny electric craft, and also well beyond the expected range.

She pulled the stick back, pointed the aircraft straight up and rode it up and up until the propeller could no longer hold it, it stalled out, and fell back down toward the sea. She adjusted trim, pulled out of the tumbling spin, pointed the nose down to pick up speed, then yanked the stick back again, kept it back as the plane performed a complete loop.

She spun, she danced with clouds, she rolled, she slid sideways through the sky, yawing the plane around until it fell tumbling again and she caught it again, pushed it into more acrobatics.

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