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Third Nor’easter in 10 Days Bears Down on New England (VIDEO)

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Climate change is making nor’easters worse.Winter Storm Skylar. Source: CIRA/RAMMB

By Jeremy Deaton

The Eastern Seaboard is enduring its third nor’easter in 10 days. Winter Storm Skylar is expected to blanket New England in more than a foot of snow. The National Weather Service has warned of “near-blizzard conditions.”

The rapid succession of storms may seem unusual, but mounting evidence suggests that climate change is making nor’easters more frequent and powerful. A new study finds that when the Arctic is unusually warm, the eastern United States endures more severe winters.

Source: Nexus Media

Nor’easters form when warm ocean air converges with cold terrestrial air. They are more powerful in the winter when the temperature difference is greatest. Climate change is making the temperature contrast even more pronounced, both by warming the Atlantic and by distorting the jet stream, allowing frigid Arctic air to reach further south. Rising temperatures in the Arctic are responsible for reshaping

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