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Pinic Basket

Roasted with Plum, Kale and Bone Marrow

Really fun dish. It is like unpacking your mini pinic, mixing things together, and eat.

Beer — The pale wheat ale was specially brewed by Jthaca Beer Co for EMP. It am no beer connoisseur although I do now what beer I like when I taste one. I think this beer was pretty light. No real exciting from me for this beer.

Housemade Warm Pretzel — Not a big fan of pretzel usually. This was ok.

Grapes — The grapes were standard. I did not particularly find them exceptional.

Cheese — The cheese were disappointing. Not so much because they were bad, but because they were light and really normal. I prefer strong and slightly more mushy cheese. I also wished it came with maybe 3 different choices in smaller blocks.

Plum Jam — The plum jam was nice.

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