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While Cuomo Sits on the Sidelines, the Assembly’s Joke of a Congestion Pricing Plan Fills the Vacuum

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Were the last six months of bluster from Andrew Cuomo about tackling congestion all just an elaborate put-on? The only concrete traffic management proposal in Albany this session is a joke of a plan released this week by Assembly Democrats. If Cuomo is serious about congestion pricing and not out to juke the public with a series of elaborate head fakes, he’ll have to assert himself soon.

For all his speechifying about moving beyond “cheap political slogans” to solve New York’s traffic problems, Cuomo still hasn’t put any muscle into getting a congestion pricing plan through Albany. Even after his Fix NYC panel recommended a solid framework for alleviating the city’s worst traffic jams, the governor distanced himself from the plan, and his budgets have skirted the issue.

Now Carl Heastie’s Democratic conference in the Assembly has filled the vacuum left by Cuomo with their own plan to add surcharges on

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