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Writing the Book on Enes Kanter’s Value

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Enes Kanter‘s dominant statistical performances are undeniable. Beyond the box score, how should we view him, and where does he fit in with the Knicks as they set their sights toward the future?

Empty calories. Good stats, zero impact. Over the course of his career, especially in Oklahoma City and in New York, that’s been the book on Enes Kanter.

In some respects, it’s a fair accusation. His defense has improved this season from atrocious—he was, at times, virtually unplayable during his early years in OKC—to just plain bad, which this tanking Knicks front office is perfectly fine with. He’s never finished a season with more than 42 blocks, pitiful for a big of his size. To put that in perspective, Michael Beasley, renowned lockdown defender, has totaled the same rejections as Kanter this season (35). The big Turk isn’t exactly swiping steals left and right either; he’s averaging just 0.5

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