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“Yes, but how Latina are you?”

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by Isabella Alonzo, ‘18

I am constantly asked just “how Latina” I am. I would say this question has come up more and more since coming to college. “So, wait… you aren’t black?” Well, I am — I am an Afro-Latina. But what does that even mean to someone who is unfamiliar with this demographic? A demographic that has only become comfortable labeling itself fairly recently? As a Dominican American born and raised in Queens, New York, I am not used to being questioned about my identity — people kind of just know. “What are you, Dominican?” I guess I took for granted what Queens is, the most diverse borough in New York City, and arguably one of the most diverse places in the entire world. It’s hard to ignore race when there are cultural hubs for everyone that makes Queens the special place that it is — Greeks in Astoria, Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese folks in

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