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5 Ways to Veganize Your Life Right Now.

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By: Bridget Herenda, Media Coordinator

There’s never been an easier time to live a plant-based life. There are plant-based alternatives for every meal that you like and every product you buy. Following these steps can make a huge impact and make the transition to being plant-based easier:

1. Change Your Eating Habits: This is the most obvious way to veganize your life. Every vegan has their own process for how they changed their diet, so you need to find what works for you. Maybe cutting out one a thing a week until you eliminate all animal products or you drop animal products cold turkey. I would suggest trying the 22 Day Vegan Challenge since there’s a plan laid out for you to follow.

2. Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Being plant-based affects more than the food on your plate. It changes how you think about every purchase you make. Animals are harmed for clothing materials

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