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How Entrepreneur Morais Dicks Balances Work and Family Life

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Married for 23 years now, and with three children, Morais Dicks’ family has helped him to mobilize his career being his constant support, motivation and inspiration. These days, with careers coming in first-and-foremost on the list of priorities for high profile professionals, many struggle to maintain a healthy and happy family life. For Morais, balancing the two, though it can be challenging, is what helps both aspects of his life to flourish synonymously. As head of renowned real estate investment company, Progressive Global Network Corporation, there are days where it seems impossible to commit to family time — still he manages. For new entrepreneurs who struggle to maximize their time with family, Morais offers some tips on how to achieve a balanced life:

Morais Dicks: Family is your support, motivation and inspiration.Set Family and Work Goals

Define your work and family goals. Laying these out in front of you and your family will help them to

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