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98% of People Will Fail This Simple Test of Delayed Gratification

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I’m spending several months in New York to make connections and learn about the startup scene here before making the move out to San Francisco to play in the big leagues.

I was lucky to be here for the installation of the subway wait time signs on the A/C line, which has been an interesting study in human behaviors. For those of you unfamiliar, certain subway lines had had these basic signs for years now, but only recently has it been it expanded so that most have them.

It would seem to me something incredibly basic and simple, but as with everything else in the over-capacity public transport system of the world’s most important financial center, there’s probably a lot of complexity under the surface.

The A and C trains during the morning commute between 8–10 have a tendency to get packed like sardine cans. In Japan, the trains arrive like clockwork at regular intervals and

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