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A Carrot Grows in Brooklyn: How to Start your own Vegetable Garden

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As great as farmers markets are there’s nothing like enjoying food that you have grown and harvested just feet away from your home. Whether you’re looking to plant a few flowers or a whole vegetable garden, here are some tips to maximize your farming success.

Choose your planting area. Make sure it is in a sunny location since most vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. You should also plant in a place that’s not prone to flooding during heavy rains and does not dry out frequently. A 16 by 10 foot garden is a good size if you are trying to grow most of your own produce. A plot this size could feed a family of four for one summer with a little leftover for canning or freezing.Start preparing the bed by getting rid of weeds so your seedlings have plenty of room to grow. Make sure

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