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image via Pixabay (TheDigitalArtist)B-BOYS CHANGED MY LIFE: a poem

New York from afar
was like a piece of art.
A living representation
of life adrift
amidst a conflict.

Two, to four to five
to a thousand
opposing points
of view, each askew
and a brand new
thing which exists
in part but never the whole
the whole world round,
nor throughout the extent
and reach of history and yet

the New York that I knew
was featured on the
evening news. A bleak,
post-apocalyptic future city.
Crumbled tenements and tricks
and desperate times and
Times’ Square tales of stick up kids
and lost tourists. Seen from afar,
it was a cityscape draped in curtained
black against the backdrop
of rot and fecundity from which

would spring a song, a beat
a dance which would speak
to me and more like me. A new
wave of social change like
butterfly collars and platform shoes,
smoke-filled rooms and slow
jazz tunes blaring right next
door to a country filled with
pretend club 54’s. Way back when
cardboard dance floors became
a thing and b-boys recognized
themselves and learned
that they had a name from

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