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North Brooklyn DSA Electoral Committee Nomination Committee — Biased or Lacking Transparency?

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This is my point of view and doesn’t necessarily indicate that the circumstances as presented are actually such… That being said, I don’t believe that this article should be viewed as presenting “alternative facts.”

Something is amiss with the North Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America’s nominating process. I greatly enjoyed attending my 1st ever DSA meeting in March; however, some expectations were set that weren’t met. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but connecting the dots in hindsight has me concerned that we’ve been bamboozled by a conflict of interest by at least one of the committee members.

Should DSA do a better job of making sure that the members of their electoral/endorsement committees aren’t actively working on behalf of any of the candidates that are up for endorsement by the group? I had an experience many folks can relate to: running into a colleague out of context and wondering how you know them.

It turned out that the colleague I recognized happened to be working for Suraj Patel’s campaign- the other challenger trying to unseat a 26 year incumbent in the NY-12 Congressional district. You can understand my frustration then and even my curiosity as to the reason that the endorsement meeting was to be cancelled after this representative for Suraj’s campaign told me that Patel is unlikely to seek or obtain NBK DSA’s endorsement, presumably due to his wealthy family’s reputation.

It’s disconcerting now that I’ve received an email inviting me to participate in tomorrow’s endorsement vote on whether to support a local candidate for State Senate without ever being informed of the possibility to present our bid for endorsement to the group. Sander Hicks is the right choice in District 12 of NY for Congress. There is no good reason for this local blackout by news media and activist groups of a peace activist running for Congress.

Give peace a platform.

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