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Politics: Cindy Bass Gives the Community a Voice

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Logan residents feel they have been kept in the shadows for decades by their council people, but City Councilperson Cindy Bass is finally giving them a voice.

“We’ve been promised that our issues are going to be addressed by the politicians over and over again,” said Cecil Hankins, a Logan resident. “Logan is the least of the communities that receives city services.”

Provision of Grace Church recently held a Logan Civic Association meeting, where Councilperson Bass briefly addressed the community on March 12, 2018. Hankins claims Bass has made appearances to inform residents about her latest bills in the 8th district more frequently than past council people.  

“You all know what other neighborhoods I represent – Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill,” Bass said to the crowd.  “They fight, and you can do it too. You’ve got to fight for your community too because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Bass listened as Hankins and a few other Logan neighbors

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