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Venture Capitalists, circa 2032

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Introducing VC to a group of 14-year-olds at Comp Sci High Enrollment Day

This Saturday was Enrollment Day for Comp Sci High, a new charter high school opening its doors in the Bronx that I’m on the board of. On August 20, we’ll open our doors for the very first time, welcoming 110 freshmen. Since we’re cultivating an environment that introduces these individuals to industry professionals, we focused on networking during the Enrollment Day. At this session, while parents registered students and filled out all requisite paperwork, the students were tasked with filling out a “Networking Bingo” card in exchange for a Comp Sci High hoodie. (Yes, they have QR codes on the back.)

Each card contained descriptors of characteristics or jobs that industry professionals held around the room. Things like “Loves to dance” or “Plays a musical instrument.” We also had “Works at Google,” “Has contributed to an open source project,” and

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