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Why Cynthia and Jumaane Are the Right Choice for New York

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by Jessica Wisneski and Rosemary Rivera

Each day we talk to people struggling to make ends meet even as they work two, sometimes three jobs while trying to raise families. We watch as children are denied the education they deserve, and then fed into a broken and unforgiving justice system. We see more and more people fight to stay in their homes, while a new luxury tower goes up down the street.

Citizen Action of New York cannot sit idly by and give Andrew Cuomo a free pass. We cannot pretend that his failed leadership is enough for us. For organizations that depend on support from the state or the Governor, we understand why they would be afraid to be in his crosshairs. Cuomo has been known to retaliate against those that disagree with him. But Citizen Action and its members will not be cowed into silence.

Jumaane Williams receiving endorsement of Citizen Action of New

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